I aim to provide a safe space in which to –

  • explore what is happening in your life, and
  • think about how best to make things better.

Through a series of weekly conversations, I will listen carefully to what you have to say as well as offering my thoughts, feelings, knowledge and experience to help you make sense of your world and gain a better understanding of what, if anything, you would like to change. From your perspective, this might be in terms of how you see yourself, how you connect with others and how you respond to the many challenges we all encounter throughout every stage of our lives.
I adopt a relaxed and compassionate approach, helping you to feel more in control of your life by –

  • finding meaning in past and present experiences
  • understanding yourself and others better
  • exploring new possibilities for responding to the world
  • smoothing the path for courage, and
  • making your own decisions.

Short-term counselling or psychotherapy is anything up to 20 weeks (no minimum). Some people choose to stay for significantly longer. To ensure you receive my full attention and the best possible service, I work with a maximum of fourteen people a week.

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