Counselling for Personal Development

help with self-confidence brightonMany people think of contacting a counsellor when something in their life goes wrong and they are left feeling distressed, confused or overwhelmed. However, therapy can also be beneficial for people who, despite their lives rolling along pretty well, have a sense that things could be better.
Counselling for personal development works well for people who might be unsure as to whether some aspects of their behaviour are holding them back from, for example, progressing in their career, finding a partner or enjoying life to the full. Anxiety has an uncanny knack of getting in the way of our being able to trust our own feelings and think clearly. It can take time to work through that anxiety. Often, working with a counsellor or life coach when we are feeling reasonably secure can achieve more speedy results in terms of raised self-awareness compared to when we are in times of crisis.
People sometimes approach me for counselling when some aspect of their life is puzzling them. It is not that they are particularly worried by whatever it is, more that they would like to spend some time identifying what doesn’t quite fit and thinking together about what can be done about it. For example, it might be a case of noticing that a career has stalled, relationships never seem to get past the six-week mark or something that was there before now seems to be missing from life.
If you live or work within reach of Brighton and Hove and my approach to counselling and psychotherapy interests you, please contact me via email or telephone 07585 910742 for more details and to arrange an initial consultation.
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