Couples Counselling in Brighton – My Approach

brighton couples counsellorIn this article I aim to give you an overview of what to expect when you come to me for relationship counselling in Brighton and Hove. All counsellors and psychotherapists have their own unique way of working and whatever their approach, it will suit some people and not others. I like to give my clients an idea of how I work before they come to see me for the first time.
No couples counselling spaces (or recommendations) during 2022 and 2023. Individual counselling for relationship difficulties only.
Working with me as a couple is often insightful, difficult, frustrating, surprising and humbling (for all three of us!). I can’t fix your relationship single-handedly, but I can work with you to find a better way of relating where each of you becomes more aware of both your own and the other’s vulnerabilities – and is able to allow a little extra space to accommodate them.
Right from the start I will be interested in the way you relate to each other. I am not searching for someone to blame, rather I am looking for an established negative pattern that is getting in the way of you enjoying your relationship. We all have our emotional raw spots – hangovers from childhood or previous relationships and experiences – and, often, in our effort to make things better, we can end up smashing into the other’s sensitivities and reinforcing an unhelpful cycle; one of either arguing and upset or unhappy distance. In my experience, both of you will need to shift a little to make things better.
See my post ‘Relationships – More Of The Same Or Something Different’ (2nd May 2013) for information about changing patterns of relating that have got stuck in a negative cycle.
Generally, I suggest that we meet once a week until you feel ready to leave couples counselling. However, since people do not fit neatly into boxes or processes I will discuss how often to meet with you as we go along. I work from Brighton Consulting Rooms which are adjacent to Preston Park railway station. The rooms are comfortable and private. I offer evening and daytime session times.
If you live or work within reach of Brighton and Hove and my approach to counselling and psychotherapy interests you, please contact me via email or telephone 07585 910742 for more information and to arrange an initial consultation.
Postscript: Couples Counselling is not always the best way forward when trying to resolve relationship difficulties. Please see my post ‘Joint Therapy or Individual Therapy?’ for more on this subject.
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