Mother / Daughter Relationships

Difficult Mother / Daughter (or Son) Relationships
Problems between mothers and daughters (or sons) are a special interest of mine. I often receive enquiries from people outside of the Brighton area who’ve found my website and have concerns either about their own mother / daughter relationship, or for someone close to them.
Here are my thoughts on this subject:

  • I offer face-to-face counselling to adults in Brighton, UK. I will also consider online counselling via Zoom for individuals only.
  • I do not provide personal recommendations of therapists outside the Brighton and Hove area.
  • When looking for a local therapist who might be able to help you, choose someone who is at least BACP registered and preferably UKCP registered. Also, a therapist whose theoretical orientation is systemic (sometimes described as family systems) will be knowledgeable on, and have an interest in, family dynamics.
  • I recommend having some individual therapy before embarking on joint therapy.
  • Joint or family therapy is not always the best way forward, especially for young people.

I ask that you only contact me if you are able to attend counselling sessions in Brighton or are set up for Zoom sessions (individuals only). Thank you.

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