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This website privacy policy describes how Caroline Clarke Psychotherapy protects and makes use of the information you give the company when you use this website.

If you are asked to provide information when using this website, it will only be used in the ways described in this privacy policy.

This policy is updated from time to time. The latest version is published on this page.

This website privacy policy was updated on: 25th May 2018

If you have any questions about this policy, please email or write to: Caroline Clarke Psychotherapy, Brighton Consulting Rooms, 18a Clermont Road, Brighton, BN1 6SG.


I gather and use certain information about individuals in order to provide products and services and to enable certain functions on this website.

I also collect information to better understand how visitors use this website and to present timely, relevant information to them.

When You Visit My Website

What data I gather

I may collect the following information:

  • Contact information including your name and email address
  • Demographic information, such as postcode, preferences and interests
  • Website usage data
  • Other information relevant to client enquiries

How I use this data

Collecting this data helps me understand what you are looking for from the company, enabling me to deliver improved products and services.

Specifically, I may use data:

  • For my own internal records.
  • To improve the products and services I provide.
  • To contact you in response to a specific enquiry.

Cookies and how we use them

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file placed on your computer’s hard drive. It enables my website to identify your computer as you view different pages on our website.

Cookies allow websites and applications to store your preferences in order to present content, options or functions that are specific to you. They also enable me to see information like how many people use the website and what pages they tend to visit.

How I use cookies

I may use cookies to:

  • Analyse my web traffic using an analytics package. Aggregated usage data helps me improve the website structure, design, content and functions.
  • Identify whether you are signed in to my website. A cookie allows me to check whether you are signed in to the site.
  • Test content on our website. For example, 50% of our users might see one piece of content, the other 50% a different piece of content.
  • Store information about your preferences. The website can then present you with information you will find more relevant and interesting.
  • To recognise when you return to my website. We may show you relevant content, or provide functionality you used previously.

Cookies do not provide me with access to your computer or any information about you, other than that which you choose to share with us.

Controlling cookies

You can use your web browser’s cookie settings to determine how my website uses cookies. If you do not want my website to store cookies on your computer or device, you should set your web browser to refuse cookies.

However, please note that doing this may affect how my website functions. Some pages and services may become unavailable to you.

Unless you have changed your browser to refuse cookies, my website will issue cookies when you visit it.

To learn more about cookies and how they are used, visit All About Cookies.

Controlling information about you

When you fill in a form or provide your details on my website, you will see one or more tick boxes allowing you to:

  • Opt-in to receive marketing communications from me by email, telephone, text message or post.
  • Opt-in to receive marketing communications from our third-party partners by email, telephone, text message or post.

If you have agreed that we can use your information for marketing purposes, you can change your mind easily, via one of these methods:

  • Sign in to our website and change your opt-in settings.
  • Send an email to
  • Write to us at: Caroline Clarke Psychotherapy, Brighton Consulting Rooms, 18a Clermont Road, Brighton, BN1 6SG.

I will never lease, distribute or sell your personal information to third parties unless we have your permission or the law requires us to.

Any personal information we hold about you is stored and processed under our data protection policy, in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018.


We will always hold your information securely.

To prevent unauthorised disclosure or access to your information, I have implemented strong physical and electronic security safeguards.

I also follow stringent procedures to ensure I work with all personal data in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Links from my site

My website may contain links to other websites.

Please note that I have no control of websites outside of my domain.

If you provide information to a website to which I link, I am not responsible for its protection and privacy.

Always be wary when submitting data to websites. Read the site’s data protection and privacy policies fully.

Starting Counselling or Psychotherapy With Me

Data I hold

Personal details

I keep paper records of your contact details (name, home address, email address and telephone number) as well as other relevant information such as your GP, occupation, family support system, major life events, ethnic origin and counselling history. Whilst I am working with you, I store your telephone number on my passcode-protected mobile phone and save your email address to my email contacts.

Notes of sessions

I keep brief, factual paper notes of each of your psychotherapy or counselling sessions. These are stored in a locked filing cabinet in my home.

Financial records and invoices

For my own financial obligations, I keep a record of when psychotherapy and counselling sessions are held on a password-protected Excel spreadsheet on my home pc. If you pay by BACS, I store password-protected Word files of your invoices, also on my home pc.

Why I hold your data

I hold your personal details (email, telephone number and address) so that I can contact you to arrange sessions and send invoices. I do not pass this information on to any other organisation or to any other individual (e.g. for a referral to another therapist or to routinely contact your GP) without your permission or unless I am required by law (e.g. if I have reason to believe that you intend to harm another person or yourself) or it is an emergency.
I keep brief, factual notes of our sessions to serve as an aide memoire and as a basis for supervision. I do not use your name or any other details that might identify you when discussing my work with my supervisor.

How long I keep data for

I keep your personal details and notes of sessions for four years after you end psychotherapy or counselling with me. After this time, these paper records will be shredded. If you would like me to hold your records for less or more than four years you will need to advise me in writing at the time that you leave. I do not store any financial or personal information on a lap top or mobile phone (other than your mobile number and initials).
When your counselling or psychotherapy with me ends, I delete your telephone number(s) and any text messages from my mobile phone (a paper record of your mobile number is retained for four years, see above).
I keep my financial records for four years after which these files (in which you are identified by your initials alone) will be deleted. If you pay by BACS, I keep password-protected Word files of your invoices on my home pc for two years after you end psychotherapy or counselling with me. At which point these files will be deleted.

Therapeutic will

In the event of my death whilst I am working with you, your contact details will be shared with my Therapeutic Executor who will inform you and signpost you to additional support, as necessary.

Breaches of personal data

I believe that I have put in place a robust system for ensuring your privacy. In the unlikely event of a breach, I will contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO ) for advice.

Your rights

You have the right to:
Be informed of what information I hold (this document).
To see this information (free of charge for the initial request).
To correct any inaccurate or incomplete personal information.
To request your personal information be erased / shredded. I can decline if the information is needed for me to practise lawfully and competently, of if there is an adverse reason (such as a complaint or legal requirement).

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