What To Expect

What To Expect And How To Proceed
In the first instance I recommend you contact me via email. At this stage, it would be useful for me to know what you are concerned about (e.g. excessive anxiety) and when you are available. If I think I may be able to help and either have – or am expecting to have – a space at a suitable time, I will reserve a weekly session time for you. We can then arrange a 50-minute initial consultation.
At an initial consultation there will be an opportunity for you to experience what working with me would be like. There would be no commitment from you at this stage. I will ask you what brings you to counselling or psychotherapy right now and answer any questions you might have about how talking together can help. If we both decide to go ahead, we will agree to meet on a weekly basis at the session time reserved for you.
All sessions are for 50 minutes. At the start of therapy, I will ask you to sign a contract to show that you have understood my policies on confidentiality, cancellations etc.

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